Duo Michaud-Guérin

zondag @ 18:30

Westerlo, België

The duo Michaud-Guérin, who play hurdy gurdy and chromatic accordion, want above all to get people to dance.
Both are from a French traditional music backgrounds and this is why their collaboration came so naturally.
The alchemy of harmony, rhythm and melody which they achieve allows them to include in their repertoire their own
compositions as well as traditional tunes from Central France to Poitou and the Vendée."

Benoit Michaud (Hurdy-Gurdy) :
"After his hurdy-gurdy training in the center of France, Benoit continued his studies at cesmd Poitou-Charentes (west of France) to obtain his teaching diploma. In addition to teaching, he composes and he plays many instruments in the traditional band from Vendée (west of France) Arbadétorne, the circle company : Entr’act and of course the Duo Michaud/Guérin."

Zabou Guérin (Chromatic Accordion) :
"Cradled to the sound of the accordion in her mother's womb, zabou has always played. As a soloist or in bands, classical, tango, song accompaniment, traditional music from different countries, swing waltzes ... She plays what she likes. She arranges, she transforms, she creates and when she has a little spare time, she teaches. Among other things, you can hear her with « Madragoa » (Portuguese music), « Pince mi Pince toi » (Musical juggling show), « Si la musique s’arrête ?» (Clown show) and of course The Duo Michaud/Guérin (traditional dance music)"

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FolkStal Hollandsedreef 3
Westerlo, 2260